What is a Professional Practice Degree?

About Professional Practice degrees

Learning doesn’t stop when you finish school or university. We accumulate huge amounts of applied skills and knowledge as we progress through our careers – but this isn’t always visible to our prospective employers.

Professional Practice degrees are an innovative and flexible way to get formal recognition for the abilities you’ve gained during your career.

Not a traditional master’s degree

Earn a world-class master’s degree in a fraction of the time and cost needed to gain a traditional master’s. You'll complete a series of 10 Professional Practice credentials alongside three coursework units, entirely online.


Introducing Professional Practice credentials

To gain a Professional Practice credential, you'll have to demonstrate the capabilities you've acquired in the workplace. You'll gather documentary evidence and complete a series of short reflective essays and video testimonies.

The credentialling process is flexible and fast-tracked, which means you can fit your Professional Practice credentials around work and other commitments. Professional Practice credentials can be completed at any time throughout the year, rather than during a traditional semester or trimester.

Units of study

To complete your master’s degree, you'll study three units that focus on sharpening industry-specific skills, developing applied research capabilities and deepening industry expertise.

The course begins with an introductory unit, followed by a research methods unit.

It culminates in a project-based capstone unit, where you deepen your expertise and demonstrate mastery of your field. Projects must contribute to your chosen industry in a meaningful way.

How it is structured

To complete a Professional Practice degree, you must first complete an introductory unit, followed by a research methods unit. These units provide a solid foundation for completing the ten Professional Practice credentials. You may also start completing your Professional Practice credentials after your first unit.

Once you've gained all ten Professional Practice credentials, you can progress into the capstone unit.