Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to the most common questions about our Professional Practice courses. Contact our Course Advisers if you can’t see the answer to your question.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Professional Practice degrees offered 100 per cent online?

Yes. All of your coursework is accessible online, which means there are no on-campus requirements.

Do I need a university degree to gain entry into a master’s degree?

You must have a bachelor's degree along with at least three years of relevant work experience for entry into the master's degree. However, if you do not have an undergraduate or university degree, you may be eligible for entry through the Graduate Certificate of Leadership. The total cost is still the same because you can use the graduate certificate as a pathway to your master’s degree.

What is the maximum amount of time I can take to finish the course?

We typically allow students up to five years to complete their master’s degree.

What is a Professional Practice Credential?

Professional Practice Credentials recognise the leadership skills you are already using in your workplace
Earning a Professional Practice Credential is a step-by-step process to identify, reflect and document your skills, experience and knowledge. Credentialing focuses on gathering evidence of your achievements and developing an appreciation of where you are as a professional and how to further develop your skills and capabilities. Professional Practice Credentials are not degree qualifications in and by themselves, but their levels of achievement align with international skills and qualification frameworks.

How do I complete a video testimony?

Once you have submitted your reflective testimony and evidence documents, you will be sent a link for your video testimony. For this, you’ll need to answer a series of questions that expand on your skills and knowledge.
While there is no specific preparation required for the video testimony – as the questions relate to you, your evidence and your experience – we recommend that you do a practice video testimony to familiarise yourself with the process. The video testimony portal will have further instructions on how to complete your video testimony.

What happens if I fail a credential?

Unlike traditional learning assessments, there is no grading scale for credentials. The final outcome will be that your submission has either satisfied or not satisfied the standard of achievement at the required level. If you are not successful in satisfying the credential after a resubmission process, you can re-enrol in the credential unit. If you need to re-enrol in a credential, we recommend that you first take the time to consider the assessor's feedback and gain any additional experience you may need. Re-enrolment will incur a full fee of the credential.

Can I access financial assistance from the Australian Government?

FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan that full-fee paying postgraduate students may be eligible for if they wish to defer their course fee payment. If you meet the citizenship and residency requirements laid out by the government, you can access FEE-HELP. To determine whether you are eligible, and for more information, visit the StudyAssist FEE-HELP page .

Will there be exams?

Assessment for our degrees is assignment-based, which means you are not required to sit for any traditional, on-campus exams.

Will there be assistance if I am struggling with this course?

Yes. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be assigned a Student Success Adviser who will be your primary contact throughout your degree. Your adviser will provide support and advice on non-academic matters. Your tutors and course coordinators are also contactable via the learning environment and can answer any academic questions you may have.

How long has this course been running?

In Australia, Professional Practices degrees are relatively new. Deakin University is the first university in the country to introduce the credentialling model as part of a master’s degree.

Does a part-time online degree hold the same value as a full-time on-campus degree?

Absolutely. The academic testamur you receive upon completing an online Professional Practice degree from Deakin is the same AQF level 9 qualification you would receive if you were studying on-campus.